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The OSRS Birdhouse method is a popular and efficient way for players to train their Hunter skill while also gaining passive resources. This method involves setting up birdhouses in various locations around the game world and periodically checking and collecting the resources they produce. By doing so, players can gain Hunter experience, as well as bird nests, which can contain valuable seeds, rings, and other items. The birdhouse method is particularly attractive to players because it requires minimal attention and can be done alongside other activities in the game.

To start using the birdhouse method, players must first complete the Bone Voyage quest, which unlocks the ability to set up birdhouses. Once this quest is completed, players can begin crafting and setting up birdhouses in designated locations. The birdhouses will passively gather resources over time, allowing players to periodically check and collect the items they produce. By consistently maintaining and checking their birdhouses, players can gain significant Hunter experience and valuable resources without having to actively hunt creatures in the game world.

Key Takeaways

  • The OSRS Birdhouse Method is a passive Hunter training method that involves setting up birdhouses in specific locations to catch birds and collect their nests for experience and resources.
  • Choosing the right birdhouses, such as the redwood birdhouse for higher level players, is crucial for maximizing the efficiency of the birdhouse method.
  • Scheduling birdhouse runs every 50 minutes and using the highest tier birdhouses available can help optimize the experience gained from the method.
  • Using efficient travel methods, such as the fairy ring network or the Xeric’s Talisman, can significantly reduce the time spent traveling between birdhouse locations.
  • Collecting and replanting seeds obtained from birdhouse runs is essential for maintaining a sustainable source of resources for future runs and maximizing the method’s benefits.
  • Optimizing experience and resources involves using the best birdhouses, scheduling runs effectively, and replanting seeds to ensure a steady supply of nests and experience.
  • Troubleshooting common issues, such as birdhouses being empty or not catching birds, may require checking the player’s Hunter level, ensuring the birdhouses are filled with appropriate seeds, and adjusting the schedule for runs.

Choosing the Right Birdhouses

When setting up birdhouses for the OSRS Birdhouse method, it’s important to choose the right locations and types of birdhouses to maximize efficiency and resource yield. There are four types of birdhouses available in the game, each corresponding to a different type of wood: mahogany, teak, maple, and oak. The type of wood used to craft the birdhouse determines its capacity and the quality of resources it can produce. Players should consider their Hunter level and available resources when choosing which type of birdhouse to use.

In addition to choosing the right type of birdhouse, players must also select the appropriate locations to set them up. There are several locations around the game world where birdhouses can be placed, each with its own unique benefits and resource yields. Players should consider factors such as proximity to a bank, ease of access, and resource availability when choosing where to place their birdhouses. By strategically placing birdhouses in optimal locations and using the right type of birdhouse for their level and resources, players can maximize their Hunter experience and resource yield.

Scheduling Birdhouse Runs

An important aspect of the OSRS Birdhouse method is scheduling regular runs to check and collect resources from the birdhouses. Since birdhouses passively gather resources over time, players must periodically check and empty them to maximize their efficiency. It’s recommended to set a schedule for birdhouse runs based on the respawn time of the resources and the player’s availability. By consistently checking and collecting from their birdhouses, players can ensure a steady stream of Hunter experience and valuable resources.

Players should consider factors such as their Hunter level, the types of birdhouses they have set up, and their available playtime when scheduling birdhouse runs. It’s important to plan runs at regular intervals to avoid missing out on potential resources and experience. By setting a consistent schedule for birdhouse runs, players can efficiently manage their time and resources while maximizing their gains from the method.

Using Efficient Travel Methods

Travel Method CO2 Emissions (g/km) Cost per Mile Travel Time (mins)
Walking 0 Low Varies
Bicycling 0 Low Varies
Public Transit 50 Low-Medium Varies
Carpooling 150 Low-Medium Varies
Electric Car 0 Low-Medium Varies

Efficient travel methods are crucial for optimizing the OSRS Birdhouse method. Since birdhouses are placed in various locations around the game world, players must be able to quickly and easily travel between them to check and collect resources. Utilizing efficient travel methods such as teleportation spells, jewelry, or other transportation items can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete birdhouse runs.

Players should consider investing in teleportation items or unlocking transportation methods through quests and achievements to streamline their travel between birdhouse locations. By using efficient travel methods, players can save time and energy while maximizing their gains from the birdhouse method. It’s important to plan out travel routes and utilize transportation items effectively to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Collecting and Replanting Seeds

One of the key benefits of the OSRS Birdhouse method is the ability to collect valuable seeds from bird nests produced by the birdhouses. These seeds can be used for farming or sold for profit, making them a valuable resource for players. It’s important to regularly collect and replant seeds obtained from bird nests to maintain a steady supply for farming or selling.

Players should consider organizing their inventory and bank space to efficiently collect and store seeds obtained from bird nests during their runs. Additionally, players may choose to replant certain seeds in farming patches to continue producing valuable resources for themselves or others. By consistently collecting and replanting seeds obtained from bird nests, players can maintain a sustainable source of valuable resources while maximizing their gains from the birdhouse method.

Optimizing Experience and Resources

To optimize experience and resource gains from the OSRS Birdhouse method, players should consider various strategies and techniques. This may include using experience-boosting items or equipment, maximizing inventory space for resource collection, and planning efficient travel routes between birdhouse locations. By optimizing their approach to the birdhouse method, players can ensure they are gaining the maximum benefit from their efforts.

Players may also consider using alternative accounts or methods to further optimize their experience gains from the birdhouse method. This could involve utilizing multiple accounts to manage more birdhouses simultaneously or combining the method with other activities in the game to maximize efficiency. By exploring different strategies and techniques, players can tailor their approach to the birdhouse method to suit their playstyle and goals while maximizing their experience and resource gains.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

While the OSRS Birdhouse method is generally straightforward, there are some common issues that players may encounter when using this method. These issues may include forgetting to check or collect from birdhouses, running out of inventory space during runs, or encountering competition at popular birdhouse locations. Players should be prepared to troubleshoot these issues by planning ahead, maintaining a consistent schedule for runs, and adapting their approach based on their experiences.

To address issues such as competition at popular birdhouse locations, players may consider exploring alternative locations or adjusting their schedule to avoid peak times. Additionally, players should regularly review their inventory management and travel routes to identify any potential inefficiencies or obstacles that may hinder their progress. By proactively troubleshooting common issues and adapting their approach as needed, players can ensure a smooth and efficient experience with the OSRS Birdhouse method while maximizing their gains from this popular training method.

If you’re interested in learning more about efficient ways to train your Hunter skill in Old School RuneScape, you should check out this article on It provides valuable tips and strategies for using birdhouses as a method for leveling up your Hunter skill quickly and effectively. With the information from this article, you’ll be able to maximize your experience gains and make the most out of your time spent playing OSRS.


What is an OSRS birdhouse?

An OSRS birdhouse is a type of birdhouse that players can build and use in the game Old School RuneScape.

How do you make an OSRS birdhouse?

To make an OSRS birdhouse, players need to have a hammer, chisel, and a clockwork mechanism. They also need to have the appropriate level of Crafting to create the birdhouse.

How do you use an OSRS birdhouse?

To use an OSRS birdhouse, players need to first set bait in the birdhouse. Then, they need to place the birdhouse in a suitable location, such as in a birdhouse trap in the appropriate area.

What are the benefits of using an OSRS birdhouse?

Using an OSRS birdhouse can provide players with bird nests, which can be used to make bird nest potions or be traded for a variety of items. It is also a good way to train Hunter and Crafting skills.


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